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Hi. I'm Cristian Tejedor-García.

Computer Science Ph.D. candidate and associate member of the research group ECA-SIMM in Computer Science Department (LSI area) at EII - University of Valladolid.
I received both Bachelors and Masters (with honours) degree in Computer Engineering.
I am really into Human-Computer interaction and technology applied to education.

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Currently designing new ways to help users to improve their learning of foreign language with speech technology.

Teaching load course 2016/2017: PDI. 4.8 ECTS (C2: 4 hours/week). Programming Paradigms: 🐍 L3 and L6.

Teaching load course 2017/2018: PDI. 4.8 ECTS (C2: 4 hours/week). Programming Paradigms: 🐍 L4 and L8.

You can also download my applications from some markets or read latest updates at my twitter account.

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Publications (updated on July 2017)

Playing around Minimal Pairs to improve pronunciation training

IFCASL Project 2015. Individualized Feedback for Computer-Assisted Spoken Language Learning. Workshop on "Feedback in Pronunciation Training". November 2015.

Cristian Tejedor-García, Valentín Cardeñoso-Payo, Enrique Cámara-Arenas, César González-Ferreras and David Escudero-Mancebo.

List of my projects

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TipTopTalk! link


TipTopTalk!® is a serious game for foreign language (L2) pronunciation training with minimal pairs.
Languages: Spanish (ES), American and British English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian and European Portuguese and German.

🏆Award: Best IberSPEECH'2016 software demo
🏆Award: Prometheus program 2015 of innovation products
🏆Award: Best poster of II Jornadas de Investigación en tecnologías de la información y Comunicaciones (University of Valladolid).
® Intellectual Property Register

Bus Pucela link

Bus Pucelalogologo

This is my first Android application.
Its primary goal is to see Valladolid urban buses times in real time.
It has been downloaded more than 25.000 times.
Valladolid urban buses real-time news and incidences web.
Valladolid urban buses time-lines web.


Bus Pucela Prologologo

The most complete Valladolid urban buses times searcher application. It traces all map routes and infinite time stops desktop widgets.


Bus Pucela Minilogo

The fastest Valladolid urban buses times searcher application. It has only the basics of an application of this type: favourite stops and a stop searcher.

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